Yogi Infotech, established in 1989 with an aim of customer satisfaction, has been continuously growing on the three main pillars - price, product, and services. Today in this challenging and competitive era, Yogi Infotech is a leading company in the market for LASER & INKJET Printer Cartridge Accessories & its services. Since 1989, we are considered the best service provider in this industry. Maintenance of the equipment is the backbone of any business and we add life to your printer by refilling the printer cartridge and maintaining the printer.

A cartridge is a heart of the printer and one has to be very particular while selecting compatible laser printer toner cartridges for the printer. A magnetic roller is one of the most important laser jet components which helps in producing high-quality pages with perfect density. The fuser roller is an important printer accessory used to roll pages while printing. We are working recently in the following areas for compatible cartridges and cartridges refilling in Ahmedabad: Ashram Road, Navrangpura, S. G. Highway, C. G. Road, Ellis Bridge, Paldi, Vastrapur, Bodakdev, Satellite, Ambawadi and Panchwati.

Moreover, we are also the top toner cartridge refilling companies in Ahmedabad. We produce and supply blades, developer roller, drums, pressure roller, Teflon fuser sleeve, toner bottle, toner cartridge, toner pouch and upper rollers of the best quality in Ahmedabad. We are the leading supplier and exporter of Cartridge Parts, Fuser Roller, Magnetic Roller and other such compatible cartridges in Ahmedabad as well as in India.

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Yogi Infotech is providing Annual Maintainence Contract [AMC] to the Customers.

Yogi Infotech is providing the Accessories with the various Products.

Maintenance of the equipments is the backbone of any business and we add life to your printer by refilling the printer cartridge and maintaining the printer.

1) Toner Cartridge New/ Recharged/ Compatible
2) Inkjet Ink Black / Colour
3) Ribbon Cartridge New / Refilling
4) Inkjet Peripherals & Media
5) Printer Parts
6) Cartridge parts


Our deep industry knowledge enables the clients to address an issues to their business.

Our Mission is to help our customers respond quickly to changing market dynamics & increase their competitiveness.
Not only we provide quality products but also complete technical support. At our organisation customers will get the complete solutions under a single roof.

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